About us

At The Tie Store, we have a wide selection of Ties. We only stock the best quality products that we'd be proud to wear ourselves. If you look through the site, you will find many beautiful classic as well as modern styles, finding Ties to suit any occasion, casual or formal.

Quality Awareness

Not all Ties are made to the same quality standard, some manufacturing plants keep costs to a minimum by using cheap tooling and low-grade materials, resulting in a disappointing finish and often broken swivel clasp.

Some e-tailers will show premium quality product images and then ship out cheap substitutes, before ordering always ensure the images shown are of the actual product being shipped!


Our Quality Standard

At The Tie Store we pay a premium to our manufacturers to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. Every Tie is subjected to strict quality control before dispatch.

Coupled with rapid dispatch and first-class customer services, its no wonder the business has been built on reputation and recommendation from happy customers


Thank You

Thank you for visiting The Tie Store and we look forward in sending you some great Ties


The Tie Store.

P.S. Our stock changes regularly so please check back soon.